Apr2008 update

A Bemba saying states: Napapa ulemukoselesha, Ilel o kuli imfula sana nomba milo nakubaba - “Encourage each other, if today it is r aining too much, soon it will be sunny again”. Each family goes through hard times and by encouraging each other we make it through

A sad shadow came over our home this past month whe n Violet’s younger brother, Simon, was killed in an auto 7_03accident on his way fr om Lusaka to visit Vima Lupwa Home. Having already lost three siblings to AIDS, this was an incredible blow to the family. Relatives came from all over Zambia to ga ther at our home and participate in the funeral ceremony. In typical Zambian tradition , women took turns singing and cooking throughout the night, as men sat outside we eping and telling stories of the man that had left them behind. Every aspect of life st ops for an entire week. When the day of the burial arrives, everyone piles into the back of an old truck that carries them to the graveyard. As the men take turns digging the grave , women are consumed by grief that takes form in wail ing between tears. We dedicate this newsletter to our dear friend Simon and the four wonderful children he lef t behind.

6Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We will be selling our annual Mother’s Day cards in honor of our child ren as they celebrate their 2 nd Mother’s Day with their adopted mother. Each card depicts a drawing of one of Vima Lupwa’s children with their picture on the back and the following text printed on the inside.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, a donation has been m ade in your honor to VIMA LUPWA HOME, a home for children left orphaned in Zambia, Africa. This donation will help to meet the basic needs for children who have no mothers.


These cards are available for $10.00 at Douglas Fine Jewelry - 920 NW Bond St # 106. Your purchase ensures a “double gift”- one for your recipient and funds to help meet the basic needs for the children in Zambia.

Mwala, seen here with his brother Alick, is about t o sit for his end-of-grade eight exams. It is an exciting ti me for him as he will be the second child to make it through g rade eight in this family. His dream of being a 2_02doctor will n ot be a problem, as he is incredibly focused on his studies . Still, he is approaching the age of noticing girls, which, of course, makes every mother a little worried. Violet is no e xception. Until recently, our primary focus has been to provi de a permanent home to children with the greatest needs: orphaned , abused and/or abandoned.

A secondary focus, however, exemplifies Violet’s motto: We Care and Bring Families Togethe r. We are also registered to also receive children on an emergency or temporary basis, while their family si tuations are improved 4or extended family members are identif ied who can care for them. Last month four severely malnourished children were placed into our home, during which time their AIDS afflicted mother received much needed medical treatment and assistance. We have j ust heard from Violet that they will be going to live with an extended family member clo ser to where their mother is being treated. Although we hate to see them go, we are happy to ha ve been able to provide a temporary home for all four siblings together, while their mo ther received medical attention and living assistance. We are pleased to know they are all together now with an extended family member who is able to lovingly care for them , as well as for their mother, with whom they can be reunited on a regular basis until she is healthy enough to care for them fully once again.

All the children, permanently and temporarily placed, are assured of one thing: Once a Vima Lupwa Kid, always a 5Vima Lupwa Kid – they are with us to stay, and those who leave know they are always welcome to return.

Shalinipo Mukwai. Wende Bweno Until next time, stay wel

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