Mwala Mwala

Birthday : Dec 24


Mwala is the biological son of house-parents Violet and Mr. Mwala. An excellent artist and student in grade 9 when we first opened in 2006, he was delighted to have extended his family with the children now living in the home. He is an excellent friend, brother and tutor to the boys and girls, with the patience of a saint. When Joseph first arrived, he chose the bunk above Mwala. That first night the two spent the entire night chatting, telling stories and laughing at jokes they told one another. Before the home was built, it had always been his responsibility to take the maize to the local mill to grind into the important flour [called milimeal] from which is made the staple food – nshima [the staple mush]. Although there was much more maize to carry to the mill with his extended family, this continued to be one of his household chores with the help of the other older boys.

True to his mischievous nature (and Zambian tradition) he takes tremendous joy in christening his brothers and sisters with a cold glass of water over their head on their birthdays as a way of welcoming in their new age. He keeps the mood light at the house and reminds everyone not to take life too seriously.

Two years ago Mwala was accepted into Kafulafuta Boarding School and has just graduated in December 2011. We are so proud of his accomplishments and have encouraged him to continue his education. At this time he is perusing a list of colleges and scholarship funds in order to further pursue his career options next fall. It is his desire to become a business owner and our hope that he will find his niche… he has a bright future ahead!

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