Loveness Nawale

Birthday : March 3


More recent news about Loveness’s past has surfaced in the last year. Originally, we were told that her father had died from tuberculosis. However, as she feels more comfortable in our home she has felt safe to discuss what really happened. Loveness’s father, mother, baby brother and her were living on the border of Tanzania when her father was murdered. She remembers the night as if it was yesterday and how her mother panicked when she had to go to the local clinic to identify him. Her mother couldn’t afford to feed and educate Loveness, so she sent her away for the opportunity of a better life while she could get her feet on the ground. This is how Loveness came to live at the Vima Lupwa Home.


“Loveness is a joy to have around and has probably adjusted to her new home the easiest out of all the children” reflects Winnie, Vima Lupwa Home’s weekly volunteer. Loveness, now 14, has an inspiring positive attitude and determination to learn new skills. She is quick to laugh and it seems that even her eyes shine with happiness. She mimics the house mother’s every move and is always the first to lend a helping hand. Expressing herself and her past through art has helped her heal. She would like to be a doctor when she grows up to help children like herself.


Although VLH children are permanent family members, we realize that a biological family’s reunion is favorable, when possible. For the last two years while Loveness was living in our home, her mother was able to get her life back together by starting a bakery stand in the local market in Nakonde [about 2 days travel away from Luanshya.] Although it was difficult for us to let Loveness return to her mother, we are most happy for this reunion. We are committed to continue our support for Loveness’ education. Loveness and her mother also know that she is welcome to “come back home” anytime, as once a Lupwa child, always a Lupwa child.

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