Shadrick Musonda

Birthday : May 5


Little Shadrick arrived at the home when he was an extremely malnourished 6 year old. Standing about mid thigh to an average adult, he looked as though he was possibly three years old. When he first arrived at the Lupwa Home his belly was so large that he could barely hold himself upright. Little by little he gained strength and tried to keep up with the other boys when they walked to school or when they played soccer.

He is the biological brother of Melody, who had always been his caretaker. After Melody’s placement in our home, we worked diligently to receive Shadrick into our home as well. When he first arrived at the Lupwa Home, Melody would steal food or keep part of her meal for him the way she had done since he was an infant. Now both children are thriving and don’t feel the need to worry about their next meal.


Shadrick is an incredibly resilient child with a joyful disposition. When home he jumps up and down singing at full volume and dancing around the room. He is learning to swim with the other children and now attends 5th grade at Twatemwa Elementary school – he started school only 3 years ago in grade 1, learned so quickly and earned such high grades that he skipped grade 2. This young man is incredibly bright and devoted to his schooling! He giggles all the time and is eager to learn. He often says, “ndefwaya ukusambiliya” - “today I want to learn”. He will stand for hours in front of the map of the world that hangs in the living room trying to memorize different countries’ names. He also helps Mwape memorize her colors. An eager helper, he is often found sweeping the floors, though he brings in more dirt than he sweeps out.

Shadrick has recently taken it upon himself to keep Mwape and Alick on track. He tirelessly instructs them how to be polite and behave. After every meal he says, “natotela (thank you)” and will remind the other two to say the same. He has been a joy to have around and is a great little helper.

Shadrick is doing wonderfully well in school, is currently the youngest boy in the fifth grade and loving every moment of it. He enjoys playing soccer and working in the garden. He takes pride in growing vegetables for the family. His English is really improving, which is essential because government schools are taught in British English instead of the local vernacular. He would like to be the President of Zambia and we encourage him to follow his dreams – he has the capacity and intelligence to pursue this to reality!

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