Breaking and Reversing the Cycle of Poverty, Misery and Dependency

Without our Lupwanians and donors there would be no home for the VIMA LUPWA children and this project would not be possible!


  • Pierre and Leen Inghels
  • Kathleen Porter
  • Thump Coffee Shop**Arthur Pratt
  • Steve and Elyse Douglas – Douglas Fine Jewelry Design
  • Bend Kiwanis Foundation
  • Rebecca Walker-Sands
  • Steven Hawkins**Linda West
  • Debbie Sloan**Richard Berg and Selina Witt
  • Y.K. and C.A. Pratt
  • Robert and Louise Markland
  • Jane Meyers**Gail Leopold
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Roth
  • Mary Blizzard**Elayne Logan-Currie
  • Rebecca Plassmann and Dorothy Leman
  • Bev and Jim Glessner
  • Angela Oberer
  • Ruth Vettrus**Robert and Laurie Boldenow
  • Victoria Junken**Scott Colister
  • Tyler and Carroll LLP
  • Touchmark of Bend**Brendan Currie
  • Nativity Lutheran Church
  • The Kilns**Joe Glickman
  • Unity Community of Central Oregon
  • The Kilns**Thpmas Theis and Mary Himmes

Twatotella Sana [thank you so much]


Robert and Kathleen Gray**Arthur and Naomi Rathje**Rise-Up of Bend**W.C. and Annis Oetinger**Micaela Hayden**Greg Lyons**Denise Fainberg**John and Cynthia Jurgensen**William and Marlene Johnson**Alistair Paterson**Doris and Julie Schneider**Tod Wolldridge and Leslie Blok**Elizabeth Warriner**Beverly Huff-Hayfield**Greg Lyons**Raven Tennyson**Doug & Barbara Seaman**Antoni Bellavia**In Memory of Carol Tamarkin**Clarence and Barbara Carnahan**Terry and Nadine Wood**Stan and Sandra Sherwood**Karen Buhmann**Bill and Linda Gill**Charlotte Kolzow**Jack Alexander**Flo Szigeti**Fritzie Kolp**Woody Stevens**Toni Hogen**John Maybury**Fred and Judy Arthurs**Keith Kearcher and Jane Morrow**Sarah McClure**Kathleen Kulow and Michael Williams**Polly Jacobson**Patricia Swan**Candace Bond**

Where We Serve ?

Volunteers in action