March 09 Update

Rugs out of plastic?


Every Tuesday morning before school, the Lupwa children gather around Winnie in the living room to learn the new skill of the week. Winnie, a native Zambian and retired teacher, took our children’s fu ture to heart. An incredible artist, she teaches the chi ldren to make beautiful crafts out of the resources available. Mwaba in particular got excited about learning to crochet rugs out of old plastic bags and went around the neighborhood collecting as many plastic bags as she could! The children are busy learning to make their own school bags, rugs, games and jewelry. Last week, Winnie taught them how to make homemade jewelry out of bamboo branches. Not only does learning art offer great therapy to our children, but it supplies cruc ial skills that will benefit the children throughout life.


The Lupwa Home recently decided to switch to layer chickens to have enough eggs to sell, as well as to supplement food for the home’s residents. Violet, the house mother, reported proudly that they recently sold four trays of eggs to the local market. A local business offered to supply chicken feed every month to help launch the project! This is a step toward helping the home become more self- sufficient, teaching thechildren how to help the parents run a business, learning to care properly for the chickens, gathering the eggs and preparing the trays to take to market .

This month we are celebrating Mwala Mwala’s outstan ding academic accomplishments! We are very happy to info rm you that Mwala, age 14, has successfully completed his grade 9 exams and moved into the 10 th grade. There are three main examinations students are required to take in Zambi a (grade 7 th , 9 th and 12 th) . Mwala is the first Lupwa son to make it to this level and is a great inspiration to his younger Lupwa brothers and sisters. He often tutors his siblings and is a superb brother and friend to them plus a great joy to have in the home. Regardless of weather, downpours or immense heat, Mwala is usually the first up and out in the morning peddling his bicycle four miles to Buteko High School. He desires to become a business owner and we hope to provide him with the opportunity and support to pursue his goals. Congratulations to Mwala, we are proud of him!


We are seeking volunteers to serve on various committees, assist in general functions (mailings, data entry, etc), events and merchandise sales of African goods. To volunteer reply to or call 541- 420-6775. NATOTELLA


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