Nov09 update

Chilya ubwika buletwala kubuyantanshi...umwela nao ulayamba uku kabililako. Bemba Proverb saying: As life goes on weather gets hotter.

As life goes on the weather is gettin g hotter in Sub - Sahara Africa and our children at the Vima Lupwa Home. Their anticipation for the rains to come is getting high and it is hard to concentrate in the classroom when the flies and heat seem to have taken over. This update we would like to hig hlight little Shadreck , age 8 , and the p henomenal job he is doing in school this year. One can barely recognize Shadreck as the little boy who ar rived at the Vima Lupwa Home alm ost three years ago w ith his belly so large he could barely hold himself uprig ht. These days, Shadreck is completing second grade at Mwaseni Basic Community School. All the teachers at Mwaseni are volunteers waiting to be hired in the government schools. Even with the heat , the school is better for the students in the hot season bec ause the grassed roofs leak when the rains come causing soaked desks and many repairs. With all these distraction s , Shadreck is still working hard in all subjects.


Mwaba has taken off with sewing and spends hours every day making a quilt for her bed. With Winnie’s extraordinary help she is learning the skills that will help su pport her throughout her life. Thanks to your support we were able to purchase Mwaba her first bed from local Mikomfwa carpenters. This is the first time Mwaba has ever slep t in a bed of her own .

Vima Lupwa Homes Holiday Cards This year

send your friends and family a holiday greeting while brightening the lives of our children. All the proceeds from these Holiday cards go directly to benefit the children in the Vima Lupwa Home. One of our c hildren Mwape, is featured on the front of the card, displaying a joyful smile, as a reflection of her new hope found at the home. Se veral of the other children are seen on the back of the card enjoying family life at the home, which is now celebrating its three year anniversary. Cards are available at Douglas Fine Jewelry in downtown Bend all cards sold half off in sets of 10 cards for $ 7.50 ( or two sets for $15 ).

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